Vingate Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1991. Its principle business activities focus on design, supply, manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance of hoists and cranes.

Our team members work in every aspect of sales, operation, design engineering, installation, service and repair to bring out only the best quality factory cranes, monorail hoisting structures and goodhoists for our customers.



KITO CORPORATION, JAPAN has years of experience and proven results in building a series of electric chain / wire-rope hoists to meet the most demanding material handling requirements.

  • KITO Corporation obtained ISO9001 On Main Plant, Sales Division + Service Office.
  • KITO Corporation obtained ISO 14001 (2001) On Best Environmental Control Company.

KITO CORPORATION underwent  an assessment by the JMAQA (Japan Management Association Quality Assurance Center) and certified its compliance with the ISO9001, an international standard for quality control system effective from 27th July 1998.

KITO is registered as JMAQA-149 ISO9001